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Bio-Intensive Gardening & Urban Permaculture Apprenticeship

OPEN ENROLLMENT! Register by March 15th
(785) 218 – 0580

Interested in your health, good food, and sustainable lifestyle? Like to garden and want to take it to the next level? Live in town and excited about radical methods for urban sustainability? Want to learn about Permaculture inSpring2013 (8 of 8) a low cost, hands on, community based setting?

For over 5 years, gardeners at the Cosmic Beauty School have been cultivating soil, camaraderie, and cutting edge practices to lay the groundwork for our community-oriented, urban farm. As we enter the third year of our apprenticeship program, we invite you to join in one of the most prolific, cooperative, deep organic, and delicious gardens in Lawrence!

  • Grow and take home nutrient dense, organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs
  • Learn a full spectrum of life skills for rich, healthy, low cost, subsistence gardening
  • Build community and camaraderie with like-minded gardeners
  • Gain experience in every aspect of food production & Permaculture site development:
    • Seed starting, transplanting, and plant propagation
    • Soil composition and bio-intensive amendments
    • Bio-remediation of toxicity for urban soils
    • Bio-intensive bed preparation
    • Water harvesting and conservation strategies
    • Organic weed prevention and pest control
    • Harvest extension strategies
    • Food preservation practices
    • Seed saving
    • Orchard and perennial foodcrops, pruning, and trellising
    • Composting, vermicomposting, and bio-char
    • Polyculture crop systems, companion planting
    • Rotations and cover cropping
    • Micro-livestock care
    • Urban sustainability techniques & Appropriate Technology
    • Protecting biodiversity and habitat restoration


April 5th – October 4th
Gardening Sun, 9am – 1pm
Potluck & Preservation Party Last Sat, 6pm – 9pm
Orientation & Tour Sun, March 29th, 10am – 1pm


The Cosmic Beauty School
1145 Pennsylvania Street
East Lawrence


$300 ($50/mo) if paid in full by March 15th, OR
$60 a month

Includes lessons, supplies, and weekly produce

Register by March 15th


Check out this PDF for more ways to be involved!

Cosmic Gardening: Four Tiers of Participation